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Virgen de los Pescadores

  • Place
La Virgen de los Pescadores or Stella Maris as it was also promoted, is located on the slopes of Cerro del Inglés (San Antonio Hill). It is accessed by a staircase that goes through the Cave of the Phoenix. It is one of the oldest rides in Piriapolis since 1902 and it was promoted by...
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Skate Park

  • Place
The Skate Park is located in Misiones street between the bus station and local fair. It was opened on December 5, 2013.

It required an investment of 5,672,969 
Uruguayan pesos, a building held by the Quartermaster of Maldonado and the Piriapolis Municipality with...
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Piria's church

  • Place
The Gothic cathedral or church as Piria promoted it, registered under the name of "Iglesia Ortodoxa de la Dormición de la Virgen María", was begun in 1914 but was never completed. There is no specific information on the causes that prevented Piria from inaugurating it. On the other...
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MAP - Les Mouettes

  • Place
The villa was designed by architect Alfredo Jones Brown and is the oldest building in the coastal area of Piriapolis . It was completed in 1904 and was the residence of Lorenzo Piria (third child and second son of Francisco). Upon the death of his wife in 1926 while giving birth Lorenzo leave...
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Ex Hippodrome of Punta Fría

  • Place
It was opened in 1907. Its track circled Punta Fria and the audience was moved to the track using the train coming to the end of the promenade. Generally, careers were made during the season or weekends.

However, Francisco Pirie did not hesitate to disarm it for the auction of land...
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Colón Hotel

  • Place
This building was originally built by Arturo Piria (son of Francisco) in 1910 as his personal residence. In 1918 it was acquired by Matilde Anchorena Verstraeten and then acquired by Fabiana Barzola in 1921 when it begins to work as the Brisas del Mar hotel. In 1937 it begins to work under the name...
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