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  • Deer at the reservation of Pan de Azúcar

    Nature-friendly destination

    Landscapes of beaches, hills and fields

    Deer at the reservation of Pan de Azúcar
  • Piria's Castle

    Historical destination

    A unique place in the country

    An exceptional centennial history
    Part of the national heritage

    Piria's Castle
  • Acuatic sports at La Rinconada beach

    Cultural and sporting destination

    Art, traditions and recreation

    Acuatic sports at La Rinconada beach
  • San Francisco beach

    Sentimental destination

    Because our best memories originate during vacation

    San Francisco beach


Pittamiglio's castle

  • Place
At Las Flores, on Route 71, is the castle of Humberto Pittamiglio (November 23 , 1887-September 28, 1966). It has an unique architecture which includes towers, passageways and medieval style facade and a large garden.

It was built in 1956 and after his death was...
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Piria's church

  • Place
The Gothic cathedral or church as Piria promoted it, registered under the name of "Iglesia Ortodoxa de la Dormición de la Virgen María", was begun in 1914 but was never completed. There is no specific information on the causes that prevented Piria from inaugurating it. On the other...
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Los Burros hill

  • Place
Located between Playa Hermosa and Playa Verde with a height 170 meters, the De los Burros hill is located . It was also known as the De la Virgen hill because of an image placed at the top, but it takes its current name because it was the place chosen by Pirie to send these animals...
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Railway Museum

  • Place
In 1914 it was under construction the train line which connected Montevideo with the east zone. At first the line was not going to stop at Pan de Azúcar, but to continue to San Carlos directly. Thanks to the efforts of Juan Pedro Bonilla, this line would have its stop at Pan de...
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Sierra de las Animas Trekking

  • Place
The Paseo de la Sierra de las Ánimas offers the route to the summit of Cerro de las Ánimas and optionally a visit to the Cañadón de los Espejos. It is a trekking tour through a path more than 80 years old through the most beautiful natural landscapes in the area.
Slopes of the Sugarloaf Trail -...
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Reptilarium Alternatus Uruguay

  • Place
The reptilarium "Alternatus Uruguay" is a unique place in the country with its doors opened all year round where you can meet live reptiles from Uruguay and other parts of the world, learn about their importance in the ecosystem, how they live, how they reproduce, how they are born, common...
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