Área Indígena

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INDIAN is a private protected flora and fauna area that has varied ecosystems: prairie, native forests and wetlands. Here visitors can learn about our natural treasures, discover the peculiarities of our flora and fauna and to awaken interest in the protection of them. Visits can be held on foot, by boat, by truck or horseriding. There are also activities such as wildlife watching and interpretation of flora, visits to the nursery of indigenous plants and visits to the farm of capybaras.

For more information and photos visit www.areaindigena.com. For queries: informa@areaindigena.com / ( +598 ) 4438-1074.

Directions: Martineta Street and Jilguero Street (entering from Route 10, Km 86, Bus Stop 24. Take Albatros Street all the way down, turn left on Martineta Street up to gate on your right).