Argentino Hotel

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The foundation stone was laid in 1920, an event in which the President of the time Baltsar Brum was  present (which highlights its importance). It was designed by architect Pedro Guichot, a French eradicated in Buenos Aires. It was opened on December 24, 1930.

There were built about 1500 square meters, requiring more than 1,000 workers and 10 years. All the granite, stone, sand and wood used are from national sources. It has 200 rooms with private bathroom and thanks to its shape of an H, all have excellent views.

Today (after its ownership passed to the State in 1946) it has a spa, a thermal center, a casino, a sports centre and special recreational spaces for children and adolescents. It is listed as a 4 star hotel and a historical heritage of Uruguay.

Dishes and furniture

The dishes are originally from Germany and Czechoslovakia, the lingerie (swimsuits) from Italy, while the furniture in the rooms and public spaces are of Austrian origin. Currently all these are still present in the hotel, because in the deposits still has dishes, cutlery and even swimwear, something flashy despite the loans never returned to the Presidential House at Avenida Suarez, the executive command of the Army and Anchorena.


The demands of the hotel required very advanced technology for the time of its opening. Such is the case of the kitchen with 40 burner stoves and 40 ovens, the cooler of distilled water of 15000 liters, dishwashers that could clean and dry 3500 pieces per hour and refrigerator for up to 2 million eggs, among others. 

Winged lions 

They are part of the pieces bought by street furniture catalog by Francisco Piria. They are a creation of the Val D'Osne factory, the same that built the Toro fountain. The value of both pieces at the time of purchase was equal to the Steinway piano that is still in the Golden Hall of the hotel. 


The casino, current branch of the Casinos del Estado, is there since 1960 where a large dining room was once located.

Golden Hall

It is the performance hall of the hotel. Its architectural beauty, its decoration, its acoustics and Steinway piano are there since the opening.

Main staircase

Its beauty is due to the mason who designed and built it, Anselmo Meirana (who also built the Puertito Don Anselmo). Each step of it was constructed with a single piece of marble from the quarries of Piria.