Piria cellar

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When Piria bought the lands of Piriapolis in 1890, the first industry to develop along with mining was viticulture. On his first trip to Europe in the same year, Piria already brings the first shoots of France, barrels of the French Midday, a mechanical crusher and special plows among others.

Its plantations often had to overcome locust invasions and worse, phylloxera (an insect parasite that destroys the whole plant). The only way to overcome these threats was making the crossing of species to form a resistant plant, something he achieved after several trips to Europe (bringing in his private belongings strains of France and Italy), experimentation and perseverance in the attempt. The care and development of strains was carried out by an Italian brought in late 1892 called Brenno Benedetti (grandfather of the future writer). The first advertising of Piria announcing his success in his search is in 1902, 12 years later.

The main storage of wines today is simply a shed and is privately owned, it stopped producing wine in 1944. This is opposite to Piria's Castle and standing in the doorway of the same it can be seen across the route.