San Antonio hill

  • Get to know it in 1 hour 30 minutes
Originally called Cerro del Inglés (renamed by Piria to attract engaged couples), the San Antonio hill is located on the bay of Piriapolis with a height of 130 meters. Its top can be achieved by its route (built in 1952) as well as by chairlifts. 
To the east Punta Colorada, Punta Negra, Punta Ballena and Punta del Este can be contemplated. To the north stands the presence of the Sierra de las Animas and to the northeast the Del Toro hill.
It is the perfect place to watch the city landscape. Its vision delights the visitor at any time especially during dusk and dawn (well worth the effort of getting up early!). 
Every year it is the protagonist of the event "Doble San Antonio" in mid-January where thousands of runners climb it up and down to complete a race of 10 kilometers.


The shrine of San Antonio was inaugurated on March 16, 1919. It was designed by the French architect Pedro Guichot (the same author of the Argentino Hotel). Current image is of French iron cast by the French sculptor Adolfo Beautiers and was laid on February 12, 1933 as the original of terracotta was destroyed. The inner lining is of spanish marble and the pedestal is of polished violet granite Santo, both still remain. 
Piria promotion culminated noting that "it will be the most visited site in Piriapolis." He was not wrong. Thousands of faithful visit it every year and dozens of plates with thanking messages are placed by them.

The sunset 

Perhaps there is no other point where you can see the beauty of the sunset over the city. The sun setting on the horizon, the color that the trees take on the slopes of the Del Toro hill, the thousands of people applauding a wonderful moment that repeats every day are some postcards to enjoy of that moment.
It is a moment that should be lived at least once a season, and if you prepare a Mate or have a Uruguayan friend who I invites you with one it will be much better!

The sunrise 

For those willing to get up early in the summer, the San Antonio hill promises to give them one of the most powerful postcards of the area. When the sky is cloudy it seems the clouds are setting fire. Every second is worth it.

Panoramic view

At any time of the day the panoramic view of the city dazzles with its beauty. At night lights and the harbor promenade stand out from the rest, showing how special the place is.

The "Balconada"

At the foot of the hill and facing the port Piria built what he called the "Balconada", which today can be seen as extremely long stone wall holding the street that gives access to hotels and properties there. It was built with the sole intention of containing earth and rubble of the hill that could invade the streets and harbor.