Pabellón de las Rosas

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In Montevideo, in the area known as Lomas de Zamora, Piria bought more than 40 hectares of land for fractionation. In the place there was a stud. He tried to sell it on the auction for he fractionated land in 1926, but there was no one interested in it. Thus in 1930 the stud is transferred to where it is today, a few meters away from the Argentino Hotel, and named the "Pabellón de las Rosas".

Opened in February 1933 (the year of his death), Piria uses it as a theater, the venue for many dances and musical performances . He even got to build a tunnel that connected it to the Argentino Hotel for the passage of waiters and catering, although today it is closed.

In 1942 the estate acquires it. Today and thanks to an agreement its under the management and exploitation of the Tourism Development Association. They continue to make the same types of shows and events.