Sierra de las Animas Trekking

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The Paseo de la Sierra de las Ánimas offers the route to the summit of Cerro de las Ánimas and optionally a visit to the Cañadón de los Espejos. It is a trekking tour through a path more than 80 years old through the most beautiful natural landscapes in the area.
Slopes of the Sugarloaf Trail - Cañadón de la PalmaThis trail is inserted in the Sierras del Este ecoregion. It runs along the northeast skirt of the Sierra de las Ánimas in Maldonado, Uruguay, an area classified as ecologically significant departmental. Recognition of native flowers and fauna; In addition to finding indigenous remains, it is a guided tour, with limited places and advance registration.
Afternoons and nights in the mountains - Casa ArrayanaAscent hike through one of the foothills of the Sierra de las Ánimas, southern skirt. It is an indigenous mountain trail, it begins at Casa Arrayana, and the ascent is up to 350 meters high. Difficulty level: medium-high. Duration: 6 hours approx. Distance: 1.5km on foot.
Walk of the Souls CircuitThis circuit shows the diversity of artisan production carried out by the local community linked to the rural environment of the area. Having as its main axis the road that connects kilometer 110 or Pueblo Gerona with Nueva Carrara. The neighbors open their doors to visitors, offering their production of both handicrafts and food products made in the place. It is a guided circuit, with limited quotas and advance registration.
Pan de Azúcar Cultural Expressions CircuitThis touristic, historical, cultural and artistic circuit runs through the most significant attractions of Pan de Azúcar, such as the outdoor Murals, Museums, the Callejón Ansina, among others.During the tour, tourist, historical, geographical, ecological information is provided. Cultural and social The tour is on foot, guided, with limited places and advance registration.