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Sporty Piriápolis

Piriapolis and its roundabouts have excellent conditions for all kinds of sports: water and land, low, medium or high difficulty. Whether conventional or alternative sports, Piriapolis it is one of the preferred spots for tournaments throughout the year, many of them being part of the national and international calendar. The port Piriapolis, its promenade and its coastline and hills are ideal for world athletes.

Water sports

Cruises swimming, fishing, kayaking and canoeing, jet skiing, boogie boarding, windsurfing, scuba diving are some of the favorite activities for children and adults who find ideal conditions in Piriapolis to be developed safely.

Land Sports

Trekking, hiking, abseiling, zip lining, rock climbing, mountain biking, motocross, racing, triathlon racing, horseback riding, biking, among others.

  • Pueblo Gregorio Aznárez

    A town located on Route 9 (km 86), it was founded in 1902 and its name pays homage to the Agronomist who installed the RAUSA sugar mill in the town in 1891, which...
  • Playa Solís

    Located west of Piriapolis (15 km), it is an ideal place for those looking to get away from the most crowded beaches. It is an excellent place for those who enjoy...
  • Área Indígena

    INDIAN is a private protected flora and fauna area that has varied ecosystems: prairie, native forests and wetlands. Here visitors can learn about our natural...
  • Playa Bella Vista

    On the pebble beach, they are very good for shore fishing.
  • Sierra de las Animas Trekking

    The Paseo de la Sierra de las Ánimas offers the route to the summit of Cerro de las Ánimas and optionally a visit to the Cañadón de los Espejos. It is a...
  • Pan De Azúcar hill

    4 kilometers away from the center of Piriapolis this hill can be found. It has 423 meters high, being the third highest point in Uruguay. In a territorial...
  • Playa Las Flores

    It is characterized by its wooden constructions from shipwrecks and stones from the place, they were made by former railway employees.
  • Los Burros hill

    Located between Playa Hermosa and Playa Verde with a height 170 meters, the De los Burros hill is located . It was also known as the De la Virgen hill...
  • Playa Verde

    At km 91 of Route 10, it is one of the most sought after spas for its tranquility. A short distance from the coast, it also has ideal places for diving and...
  • Playa Hermosa

    Located west of Piriápolis, linked to Playa Verde by "Proa al Mar", it is backed by the Cerro de los Burros. It is a safe, extensive and easy-to-access beach....
  • Skate Park

    The Skate Park is located in Misiones street between the bus station and local fair. It was opened on December 5, 2013.

    It required an investment...
  • Rambla de los Argentinos

    It extends from the western beginning of Piriápolis (Zanja Honda stream) to the Port. It was completed in 1916.
  • Del Toro hill

    The Del Toro hill used to be a monitoring point of the Spanish army waiting for enemy ships. It has 240 meters high and is part of the Sierra de las Ánimas. It was...
  • La Rinconada Beach - Sports zone

    Volleyball courts and free football and a variety of water sports are the main attractions to be found during the season in this place. During the months of January...
  • Rambla de los Ingleses

    It runs from the Port to the beginning of San Francisco. It was completed in 1916.
  • San Antonio hill

    Originally called Cerro del Inglés (renamed by Piria to attract engaged couples), the San Antonio hill is located on the bay of Piriapolis with a height of 130...
  • Piriápolis port

    Piriapolis port, originally known as Puerto del Ingles, was a determining for Francisco Piria to buy these lands since it was the only way for quick...
  • Playa Punta Colorada

    It is named after the color of the stone that makes up its land. Recognized as an excellent fishery for brótola, it is a very familiar place.
  • Playa Punta Negra

    Its name derives from the five kinds of stone that make up the rock. Wild beach, suitable for surfing.

Pueblo Gregorio Aznárez

Playa Solís

Área Indígena

Playa Bella Vista

Sierra de las Animas Trekking

Pan De Azúcar hill

Playa Las Flores

Los Burros hill

Playa Verde

Playa Hermosa

Fishing point in Playa Grande

Skate Park

Rambla de los Argentinos

Del Toro hill

La Rinconada Beach - Sports zone

Rambla de los Ingleses

San Antonio hill

Piriápolis port

Fishing point in Punta Fría

Fishing point in San Francisco

Playa Punta Colorada

Fishing point in Punta Colorada

Playa Punta Negra