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Mystical Piriapolis

Although there is no empirical evidence, those interested in alchemy find direct references to it throughout the whole city. These people tend to interpret these symbols were placed voluntarily by Francisco Piria to indicate his achievements in this discipline. Until today they are only interpretations. Here are the places that all tourists interested in the topic visit.

  • San Antonio hill

    Originally called Cerro del Inglés (renamed by Piria to attract engaged couples), the San Antonio hill is located on the bay of Piriapolis with a height of 130...
  • Venus Fountain

    Inaugurated in February 1911, the temple was designed by architect Beltrame and the statue of Venus was designed by Mathurin Moreau.

    This main statue...
  • Del Toro hill

    The Del Toro hill used to be a monitoring point of the Spanish army waiting for enemy ships. It has 240 meters high and is part of the Sierra de las Ánimas. It was...
  • Piria's church

    The Gothic cathedral or church as Piria promoted it, registered under the name of "Iglesia Ortodoxa de la Dormición de la Virgen María", was begun in...
  • Piria's Castle

    The castle was the private residence of Francisco Piria in Piriapolis, located in the heart of the agroindustrial Piriapolis. It is the work of Mr. Aquiles Monzani...

San Antonio hill

Venus Fountain

Del Toro hill

Piria's church

Piria's Castle