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Thematic circuits

Cultural and Historical Piriápolis

  • 14 stops | 6 hours and a half
The following are the essential places to visit to get to know the history of the destination. These places forge its identity. This is a small selection of all the historical sites that can be visited.Having a car the journey can be done in a full day.
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Complete Cultural and Historical Piriápolis

  • 20 stops | 15 hours
For those who have more time and are very interested in the history of Piriápolis is that this circuit is planned. It includes many historical points of less presence and physical volume than the main ones, but they make a great contribution to the completeness of the history of Piriapolis.
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Sporty Piriápolis

  • 23 stops | 14 hours
Piriapolis and its roundabouts have excellent conditions for all kinds of sports: water and land, low, medium or high difficulty. Whether conventional or alternative sports, Piriapolis it is one of the preferred spots for tournaments throughout the year, many of them being part of the national and international calendar. The port Piriapolis, its promenade and its coastline and...
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Mystical Piriapolis

  • 5 stops | 5 hours
Although there is no empirical evidence, those interested in alchemy find direct references to it throughout the whole city. These people tend to interpret these symbols were placed voluntarily by Francisco Piria to indicate his achievements in this discipline. Until today they are only interpretations. Here are the places that all tourists interested in the topic visit.
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