Piria's church

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The Gothic cathedral or church as Piria promoted it, registered under the name of "Iglesia Ortodoxa de la Dormición de la Virgen María", was begun in 1914 but was never completed. There is no specific information on the causes that prevented Piria from inaugurating it. On the other side, since 1924 the San Francisco Chapel was working, and was donated by Piria.

Since the death of Piria has remained privately owned until 2013, when it was donated to the Quartermaster of Maldonado by its last owners. The land is 2000 m2, and the building covers 841.2 m2. of surface

There is currently a ceiling in very bad conditions, no floor and several walls damaged. Despite this, it has been the scene of several music videos, including the song "A tus pies" by Jorge Nasser.