MAP - Les Mouettes

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The villa was designed by architect Alfredo Jones Brown and is the oldest building in the coastal area of Piriapolis . It was completed in 1904 and was the residence of Lorenzo Piria (third child and second son of Francisco). Upon the death of his wife in 1926 while giving birth Lorenzo leave the chalet.

Several years later it is bought by María Escalda de Díaz Vélez linked to Buenos Aires high society. There she lived with her two daughters, the elder named Maria Eugenia. She fell in love for the manager of the stables of the house, Martiniano Mathon. This did not please her mother, who strongly opposed the relationship. When she found out that the marriage was performed secretly in Montevideo, Ms. Díaz Vélez immediately left the house leaving the table served and never returned. Hazards of life, after the death of Maria Eugenia, it was Martiniano who cared for her.

The current owner, Professor Paolo Bergomi , bought it from Martiniano in 1977 in Buenos Aires. Another interested in buying the villa was the brother of the famous boxer Oscar "Ringo" Bonavena who offered more money. When Martiniano's attorney inquired about what his plans were for the chalet the answer was that the place would be bulldozed to build a condominium. The offer was rejected inmediately.

Currently the villa is the residence of Professor Paolo Bergomi and his wife Beatriz Segni. In the basement of the house the Piriapolis Art Museum (MAP) can be found where every year at the expense of effort and affection of their owners, activities and exhibitions occur. The museum only opens during high season.