Piriápolis port

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Piriapolis port, originally known as Puerto del Ingles, was a determining for Francisco Piria to buy these lands since it was the only way for quick communication with Montevideo. It was the only natural harbor between Maldonado and Montevideo. 
It was officially completed in 1915, having to recover constantle from the destruction caused by 4 storms during its construction. In March 1914 happened the arrival of the first steam ship with passengers: Captain Malovich with a crew of 614. The "Vapores de la carrera" of the Mihanovich Company began regular trips Buenos Aires - Montevideo - Piriapolis on January 15, 1921. 
In 1946 the estate became its owner as part of a settlement agreement between it and Piria's successors as payment of inheritance tax and estate delinquent contributions.


In 1997 the port was reopened, by equipping it with new sailing facilities. Since then sailboats, fishing craft and ferries are allowed. 
It has a port harbor of 5 ha and 4,200 m2 well protected by two breakwaters, one of 450 and another one of 130 meters long. It has a harbor esplanade of 8,100 m2 within a port area of 1 ha 3,000 m2 where the port services, the administrative area and pedestrian zone reside.
70 Sports boats can be moored to the dock, 50 sport boats may be held on the esplanade, and there are up to 5 boat traffic and 10 artisanal fishing boats.

Outer breakwater

You can get to the outer breakwater beginning by car, then you it can be covered by foot at any time. At night, the lights of the promenade and the vessels make it an attractive postcard. It is ideal for fishing, all the time you can find local fishermen with their equipment installed.

Port's promenade

Between the breakwaters there is a promenade with wide green spaces and extensive shadows. It is ideal for having lunch sitting on the grass, watching the view of the harbor and enjoying the gentle breeze that always runs in the place.