Quebrada del Castillo

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This building is the oldest to be found in Piriapolis. Its origin dates back to 1760 originally conceived as a military post and was the only building Piria found when he bought the land in 1890.

When Piria founded the Agricultural and Industrial Establishment if Piriapolis and started the quarry and wine production, he renamed it as "The Central" because of being in the center of it. It is still composed of 4 buildings surrounding the courtyard where about 120 foremen and laborers were living. A blacksmith and a carpenter shop on site also highlighted.

Today the establishment is called "Quebrada del Castillo", since it changed its ownership in the early 1970s. The existing building was again repaired and the fields were use for horse breeding again. The town was transformed into a small country hotel where the main hall and restaurant are commonly used for parties and events organized . Today it is a haven for anyone who wants to enjoy the Uruguayan countryside while being close to the beaches and nightlife activities in the vicinity.