Ex Hotel Piriápolis - Colonia Escolar

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The Piriapolis Hotel was inaugurated on December 15, 1905 . It was concieved by the architect Alfredo Jones Brown, designed and used for providing high-class services such as hot baths, among others.

It was not the first hotel to be built, before there had been one where now stands the Hotel Argentino who Piria called the "Hotel Morondanga". At the same time they also built the Miramar (today called Select) and the Solezzi hotels, targeted toward the middle class with more affordable prices.

Managed by Carlos Bonavita (who murdered the eldest son Piria), former employees remember above all the quality of the food and the service provided. Tableware had been imported from Germany mad of porcelain and silver.

Today it is known as the "Colonia de Vacaciones de Enseñanza Primaria", running since 1946 by the state.